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Virtual reality is one of the most exciting new developments of the escape room business. Our multiplayer VR escape rooms encourage players to enjoy richer social gaming experiences through exhilarating and challenging gameplay, breath-taking graphics, and larger-than-life environments! Our VR rooms have been added to entertainment facilities of all kinds around the world, from escape rooms to VR arcades and family entertainment centers. We have developed a virtual reality platform specifically designed to be sold to location-based entertainment businesses. What makes it unique is that it allows for patrons to play purpose-built, shared VR experiences together that are not available through any other means. We are purely a software company and charge a nominal monthly subscription for access to our software; hardware is owned and operated by the entertainment business customers.

Type d'entreprise : Production, Lieu de diffusion // LBE

Nombre d’employés : 12

Marché actifs : Canada, Amérique du Nord, Europe (hors France), Autre

Collaboration avec d'autres pays : We have licensed our software to locations in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, United States, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, ​Australia, & ​Israel.

Projets web : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnn9Oo6Ip8mZL18hDKsB3QQ

Tags : #installation / #installations, #XR, #RV / #VR, #Interactif / Interactive, #6DoF

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