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Masterpiece Studio

Ottawa, Ontario

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Masterpiece Studio is a technology company that is developing the most intuitive and powerful 3D content creation platform and software using virtual reality and machine learning. Masterpiece removes complex software barriers, to empower creatives to envision and effortlessly create in 3D our digital world from concept to animation. Masterpiece Studio builds 3D creation software for creative by creatives. By removing complexity, we help creative professionals focus on their craft easily adapting their 2D skills into 3D.

Type d'entreprise : Production, Autre / Other

Nombre d’employés : 25

Marché actifs : Canada, Amérique du Nord, Amérique du Sud, France, Europe (hors France), Asie

Collaboration avec d'autres pays : Canada, USA, France, UK

Projets web :

Tags : #XR, #Divertissement_IA / #AI_Entertainment, #RV / #VR, #RA / #AR, #RM / #MR

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