Maritime Digital Art and Design

Maritime Digital Art and Design

Dartmouth, Nouvelle-Écosse / Nova Scotia

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In 2014, Maritime Digital Art and Design (MDAD) LTD, was formed to fill the void in the marketplace for 3D visualization, multimedia, immersive and interactive media. The studio has grown to create world-class, interactive multimedia software products, 3D rendering and professional educational training applications, to take advantage of the rapidly expanding market. MDAD Studio, follows an artistic vision of interactive storytelling and entertainment art; defining new boundaries of professional involvement with digital media design and training applications. It continually explores the territory of this new media, charting ways to bring together user interaction with immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience and education-training; gaming, video, text, graphics, animation and web. MDAD Studio, now intends to capitalize on the immediate opportunities for growth in VR immersive training-education explosive market by building our business to the next tier, expanding our operations to encompass publishing as well as production, and significantly increasing the number of innovative titles we produce each year.

Type d'entreprise : Production

Nombre d’employés : 10

Marché actifs : Canada

Tags : #XR, #Divertissement_IA / #AI_Entertainment, #RV / #VR, #RA / #AR, #RM / #MR, #Interactif / Interactive

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