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Flipside XR Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Flipside XR is the real-time animation company behind Flipside Studio, virtual production software for animation and motion capture. Our customers work remotely in virtual reality to layout cameras, lights and props, block character animations, and use motion capture tools to speed up production. Whether you are streaming live as a cartoon character or working within your traditional 3D production pipeline, Flipside Studio can lower the cost of producing animation. Flipside Labs, a subsidiary of Flipside XR, is an immersive XR studio focused on storytelling, animation and interactivity. We developed our own XR framework and tools specifically designed to create interactive stories and experiences over the last 7 years. Flipside Labs’ parent company is venture backed and has successfully been funded by the Canadian Media Fund to invent the future of immersive performance and XR entertainment. The founders have worked in virtual reality in 2013 and we’ve had the privilege to work with high profile clients including Bento Box Entertainment, The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, and Oculus VR.

Type d'entreprise : Production, Distribution

Nombre d’employés : 13

Marché actifs : Canada, Amérique du Nord, Amérique du Sud

Collaboration avec d'autres pays : - United States
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Brazil

Tags : #XR, #RV / #VR, #RA / #AR, #Interactif / Interactive, #6DoF

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