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Dark Slope Studios is a real time content producer pushing the boundaries of virtual production. Dedicated to creativity and innovation, Dark Slope Studios combines beautiful artwork with cutting edge technology to deliver remarkable virtual worlds. Dark Slope Studios specializes in motion capture and facial tracking animation, 5G mobile game development as well as VR and AR production. Supported by a team of Unreal Game Developers, Dark Slope Studios provides end to end solutions from creative design to final lighting and compositing. Visit https://darkslopestudios.com/ for more information.

Type d'entreprise : Production, Distribution, Lieu de diffusion // LBE

Nombre d’employés : 40

Marché actifs : Canada, Amérique du Nord, France, Europe (hors France), Asie, Autre

Collaboration avec d'autres pays : The United States of America, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Projets web : https://darkslopestudios.com/productions/

Tags : #XR, #Divertissement_IA / #AI_Entertainment, #RV / #VR, #RA / #AR, #RM / #MR

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