Coal Car Studio Ltd.

Coal Car Studio Ltd.

North Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique / British Columbia

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We are a small award-winning team passionate about immersive media. With a focus is on crafting memorable experiences, our team of experienced designers and developers are prepared to make your dreams a reality. At Coal Car Studio, we are betting that the future of VR will be social. VR doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. Discovering new virtual reality is awesome, and we want to create a safe space to be able to experience these worlds with your friends and family. Using innovative technologies and game play mechanics we will shatter the stigma around virtual reality needing to be an isolated experience to be immersive and bring the joy of couch co op back into mainstream gaming culture. Since 2015 we have gained expertise by developing numerous Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. Our work has ranged from an educational interactive documentary on electronics waste to work on a cooperative arcade experience

Type d'entreprise : Production

Nombre d’employés : 4

Marché actifs : Canada, Amérique du Nord

Collaboration avec d'autres pays : Canada, United States of America, Norway, China

Tags : #XR, #RV / #VR, #RA / #AR, #RM / #MR, #6DoF

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